Identity development Fund

Identity Partners has used its investment expertise to establish Identity Development Fund Managers (Pty) Ltd (‘IDF Managers”) to manage a number of enterprise and supplier development funds, the main fund being Identity Development Fund (“IDF”). Through IDF Managers, our various funds provide financial and non-financial services to entrepreneurial SMEs that are run by black entrepreneurs, women and youth. The business is led by Polo Leteka Radebe.

IDF Managers has a strategic partnership with Anglo Zimele, this alliance provides IDF Managers with access to Zimele’s operational and infrastructural network and expertise. Prior to the establishment of IDF, Polo Leteka Radebe spent time at Anglo Zimele understanding their business model.

Through IDF Fund I, IDF Managers raised R149 million from both institutional and corporate enterprise development investors and has invested in over 60 entrepreneurs. Currently, IDF Managers is in the process of raising IDF Fund II with a targeted fund size of R500million. Our vision is to lead private sector investment in entrepreneural development through the provision of risk capital. We aim to earn positive social and commercial returns from our investments and achieve the targeted hurdle rate, therefore ensuring the long-term sustainability of our companies.